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P. Reign

From the streets of Toronto – known for cultivating some of Canada’s top Hip Hop Lyricists – next up is P. Reign. His debut single “You know I’m fly” in 2008 reached # 1 on Punch Much, an interactive site where viewers from across Canada vote for their favourite videos. P. Reign released his second single "Money in My Pocket" in summer 2009, followed by the video, which quickly became the city's summer anthem. The video was featured on Canada's largest music video network, MuchMusic as well as media outlets worldwide. With zero marketing other than word of mouth, it’s these sort of accomplishments and buzz that speak volumes about who P. Reign is as an artist, no boasting necessary. Having had his fair share of hardships, P. Reign a.k.a. ‘The King of Da North’ knows all about overcoming adversity. Losing countless friends and family to gun violence and incarceration, he has managed not only to make it out of one of the most notorious neighbourhoods in Canada, but also to position himself at the forefront of Canadian music…although I’m sure being able to call Drake a very close friend doesn’t hurt. It’s the phrase ‘Loyalty is Priceless’ that has kept the 24 year old Guyanese descendant grounded, among childhood friends, and has created a foundation for music and a movement that is just as real as the surroundings that shaped his life to date; it’s no wonder this phrase can be found tattooed on every member of the Reps-Up team. Created 7 years ago in the heart of Kingston and Galloway otherwise known as G-way, the Reps quickly gained a reputation in the streets throughout Toronto, a reputation that would ultimately lead to its demise. Dismantled by court cases and tragedy, P. Reign was consequently led to develop his own distinct sound and pursue a solo career and is currently touring throughout Canada and allowing his music to spread internationally. The spirit of what Reps-Up was built on continues to blossom through the music. With an extended family that is as strong a supporting cast as any, P. Reign continues to make music that both women and men love (no homo on the latter). With a catalogue that would give your favourite artist a run for his money, song writing has never been difficult. P. Reign’s music address the complexities of street life, both good and bad; that of women, and the relentless pursuit of what he had never imagined growing up. His current single "In My Hood" produced by T-Minus (Ludacris: How Low) was released in spring 2009 and is blowing up the charts on FM radio in Canada and internationally. The video, directed by Sharpshooter will be released summer 2010, followed by a third single titled "Call My Name." On july 16th, 2010 P Reign will embark on a cross-Canada tour with Drake, to promote his singles and upcoming mixtape When it Reigns it Pours hosted by 1017 Bricksquad DJ, DJ Holiday. To date, P. Reign has shared stages with the likes of Keri Hilson, T-Pain, Rick Ross, Flo Rida, Jasmine Sullivan and more. Keep your eyes and ears open and look out for P. Reign coming to a city near you.

Toronto, Ontario
Headliner chart position: 31
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