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Pat Maloney

Pat Maloney released his first solo album called Root Rot, along with a string of crafty, DIY music videos, in March 2013. Since then he has played 150 shows, toured the Maritimes twice, and played 17 sold out concert dates at UK Universities in support of notorious XXX Hypnotist Tony Lee. Pat has played his songs at comedy shows, been background music at wineries, and opened for Juno Nominated Craig Cardiff, Broken Social Scene founder Brendan Canning, PEI’s Tim Chaisson, and Hamilton’s best kept folk secret Wax Mannequin. His fans know him as a charismatic, chippy performer, who writes passionate, firmly a-political songs that might make you laugh, or cry about the fact that you’re laughing. A former drummer for Punk, Ska and Hardcore bands in high school, and soul, country and hip-hop bands in college, Pat Maloney feels liberated sharing his personality as a budding solo artist with an acoustic guitar, reverb drenched “whistle mic”, and a bass drum box. In 2014, Pat will release his second effort, Repotting, along with more clever, and resourceful music videos. A follow-up tour of UK Universities is scheduled for February, and a Western Canada tour in July and August.
Toronto, Ontario

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