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Rattlesnake Choir

Rattlesnake Choir’s third album – The Prospector’s Curse – began as the soundtrack to Toronto filmmaker Josh Hiese’s “Western horror” of the same name. The band was so pleased with the outcome they decided it should be released. They flushed out some of the tunes, recorded some lyrical songs and voila, a new album was born. Having recorded their first two albums, Live Music in 2008 and Walkin’ The Wire in 2011, in a fully analogue studio, straight to magnetic recording tape, they decided to embrace a more modern overdub-style recording technique for The Prospector’s Curse that allowed for some new musical flavors and instrumentation. Produced and recorded by John Borra in bass player Tony Benattar’s magical sounding front room, the record is a spooky trip through the prospector’s soul that takes Rattlesnake Choir’s musical palette to some exciting new places. Back is the usual crew of John Borra (A Neon Rome, Change Of Heart), Sam Ferrara (The Ugly, Viletones), Tony Benattar (Cameron Family Singers, Backstabbers), Michael Boguski (Blue Rodeo, The Beauties) and Miranda Mulholland (Great Lake Swimmers, Belle Star), and joining them is the lovely Dani Nash who sings on one song and plays with the band live. The Prospector’s Curse will be released on September 25, 2015 on Cameron House Records.
Toronto, Ontario
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