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Reid Jamieson

Vancouver's Reid Jamieson is starting to become known for his incredible voice, therapeutic lyrics and a magical way with melodies. He can be heard with some regularity on CBC's Vinyl Cafe. A gifted interpreter of classic and cult tunes, Reid is also a inspired songwriter whose latest CD of all original music Staring Contest features guests Samantha Parton (Be Good Tanyas), Anne Lindsay (Blue Rodeo) and John Sheard (Vinyl Cafe, Dan Hill). Garden gnomes, unstoppable trains and no less than three proposals (!) can be found within the lyrics of this unabashedly romantic collection. Well known for his compelling covers and impressive guitar style, don't miss one of his rare live performances.

For fans of Neil Finn, Jeff Buckley, Roy Orbison & Harry Nilsson.

Vancouver, British Columbia
Underground chart position: 309
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