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Reno Jack

With a style all of his own, a character and a story teller with presence, Reno jack is an old school cat with knowledge of the eons of music in a multitude of genres. His voice has been described as barbed wire wrapped in velvet, and his songwriting style is varied with stories of modern times containing the wisdom and sarcasm of a man that has seen too much but not had enough.

Reno Jack, reknowned Queen Street (Toronto) rockabilly bassist has performed for decades across Canada and toured Europe. The Queen Street scene mid eighties The Calgary / Edmonton / Vancouver scene early eighties. The Seventies no one can remember or desires to recollect. Herald Nix. Mike Van Eyes and Russ Young whom he backed up for four years Rocky Craig and Cadillac Bob. Handsome Ned. Jimmy "Demic" Weatherstone , Steve Koch and Reno backed that cat for a couple of years. Cris Houston subbing for Jailhouse Joe Myke in the Razorbacks, Pat Temple, King David and his own band formed with Johnny MacLeod over twenty years boasted the best fifty musicians in Toronto called the Jack Family. Later on in the nineties The Corndogs, Cadillac Bill, Kim Doolittle, and playing the Matador. Johnnie Lovesin who he still plays with today.

This recording I am doing has brought together some of my old time friends and a few I have met lately in the United States while playing with Sunday Wilde.

After recording on over 20 albums throughout his career and producing the past few Sunday Wilde albums, Reno is now about to release his debut CD. The album will boast a stellar lineup of award winning artists, co produced by Rusty McCarthy, Reno jack and Sunday wilde, and will include Watermelon Slim, Johnnie Lovesin, Robert Hughs, David West, Sunday wilde, Rusty McCarthy, Janelle Frost, and more. To be released the spring of 2015.

Toronto, Ontario
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