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Have you been SnakeBitten yet? This ain’t your Momma’s country music – prepare to be SnakeBitten!!! SnakeBite is a hard-hitting, rock ‘n’ rolling, country band that has been lighting up South-Western Ontario for a quite a few years now. SnakeBite was formed in 2005 by Marty Marsh and Paul Lowry in the hick-town of Bothwell Ontario. Their beginnings were humble; Paul, a dyed-in-the-wool country boy wanted to sing some country music around the campfire. Marty, a guitarist from the hair-band 80’s figured he could strum the chords and program a drum machine. Not too many private parties later, it was decided that this project needed to become a full-fledged country band. A lead guitarist, bass player and drummer were soon added and SnakeBite took themselves from the private party circuit to bars, halls and fairs in the area. In late 2007, the original bass player left, and James Vermue, a veteran of numerous rock bands in the London area since the 1980’s, took over the low-end duties. Being follically challenged, the hair-band thing just wasn’t working out, so he decided to give country music another try and hasn’t looked back since. Shortly thereafter, their original drummer left the band to be replaced by a revolving door of drummers for hire until 2012 when Derek Babanin signed on as a permanent member. Derek, a professionally trained drummer, had been most recently a lead singer and guitarist in a London area pop-rock band. Derek evidentially did not forget how to play the drums, but most definitely forgot that the drummer was generally not considered to be the flashy show-man, always chatting with the audience – yes that’s right – SnakeBite has a front-man sitting at the back of the stage!! In early 2012, SnakeBite’s original guitarist left the band, but continued to show up once in awhile to play along with the boys. Going in a slightly different direction, Snakebite asked CCMA nominated Steel Guitarist Rene Brousseau, who had been occasionally sitting in with the band, to join them on a permanent basis. Late in 2012, as recording of their debut album started, it was decided that they required the full-time services of a lead guitarist. Seeing as young-gun guitar-slinger Eric Demuynck also happened to be an excellent producer and recording engineer, he was forced coerced asked to join the band. Now a 6-piece powerhouse, SnakeBite continues to gain a larger following with every gig and is packing bigger and bigger venues. This is a good thing, as the band can’t physically fit on a small stage any longer!! They have been fortunate enough to have shared the stage with many country music titans such as Blake Shelton, Lonestar, Jason McCoy, Kentucky Headhunters, Jo-Dee Messina, Jason Blaine and Jamie Warren among others. They have provided the sound-track to many a fall fair, festivals, tractor pulls and even country-themed weddings!! Just when you think you’re listening to a blazing guitar-rock band, the sound of a singing pedal steel guitar reminds everyone of those classic country sounds. With 5 of the 6 band-members being excellent singers (Marty has been asked to refrain from singing; you can thank us later), their music is filled with rich harmonies not heard all that often anymore on the live scene. So to sum it all up – you’ve the got the flashy, hard-hitting rock and roll backbone augmented with sweet slide and all fronted by a dyed-in the-wool country crooner!! Yep, you’re about to be SnakeBitten!!

Chatham, Ontario
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