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Steph Copeland

Canadian composer and Toronto resident, Steph Copeland broke ground at a young age as a singer/songwriter with a passion for producing. From humble beginnings near Wallaceburg, Ontario, and more recently hailing from the Windsor/Detroit Area, that passion was cultivated by her affection for experimentation, synthesizers and the latest in electronic music production. She began to engineer, produce and write for artists from all genres as well as her own profoundly recognized electro/pop albums, released under the pseudonym "Perilelle".

In 2013, Copeland took on the role of composer for the indy film "Antisocial" which won her nods from critics for her "inspired techno score". Antisocial was the first of 4 films she would score in 2013.

Copeland is a classically trained vocalist and studied at the Royal Conservatory of Music. Her foray into composing for feature films was a pertinent stride given the moody, cinematic hue of her independent works.

Toronto, Ontario
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