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Stone Iris

Stone Iris is a soulful, new-blues rock band out of Edmonton, Alberta. Six years ago, the Niven brothers - El and Garret - and Jeff Burwash moved into a house together with their instruments and an unwavering determination to become a touring rock band. For three years they honed their art, then they hit the road. Stone Iris doggedly toured the US and Canada in an RV - "The Freedom Eagle" - several times in three years, clocking thousands of miles and hundreds of gigs. Consistent touring and writing grew this group of tenacious, fresh-out-of-high-school rockers, into a solid, unique and seasoned band who has carved out a deep and edgy niche. Their sound, a raw reflection of the vibe within, brings new meaning to the word classic. Feeling the music they write, they leave people feeling it too. In a musical landscape saturated with numerous bands and genres, Stone Iris leaves an inter-generational impression. With elements of rock and blues, combined with undertones of a lyrical western tradition, Stone Iris' live shows are steeped in emotion and grit.

Edmonton, Alberta
Underground chart position: 393
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