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Truth, like beauty, is a relative notion. What is fact for one person can be fiction for another. It’s precisely this kind of contrast in perspective that frames Barrie, Ontario band Stonetrotter’s latest release, The Truth Don’t Look the Same to Me and You, independently released on November 16, 2014.

From lead vocalist and guitarist Dave Allen’s evocative, sombre timbre on the title track, to the playful country flavoured to-and-fro between Allen and pianist Courtney Dubois on “Duets”, The Truth Don’t Look the Same to Me and You is the perfect showcase for Stonetrotter’s effortless “feel good rock and stroll” sound.

Rounded out by Ben Lemen (bass, vocals), Ben Pearson (lead guitar), and Evan Dwinnell (drums), Stronetrotter blend sun-kissed harmonies, sentimental lyricism, and a shrewd sense of melody into irresistible musical morsels. The Truth Don’t Look the Same to Me and You picks up where their first EP, 2013‘s What’s Going On (With My Love)? left off.

Stonetrotter have taken their soulful swagger on the road opening for Born Ruffians, Taylor Knox, The Woodshed Orchestra and many others in the last 23 months. This past summer, their highly original, spaghetti western cover of the Payloa$ classic “Eyes of a Stranger” was featured on Canadian music blog Quick Before It Melts’ DOMININIONATED compilation, alongside contributions from Cowboy Junkies’ Michael Timmins, Jerry Leger, and Lee Harvey Osmond.

From whatever perspective you approach The Truth Don’t Look the Same to Me and You, the truth is you’ll find eloquence, grace, and beauty in abundance. That’s a fact.

Barrie, Ontario
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