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The BelleRegards

The BelleRegards are an indie folk band based in Toronto, Canada. With more than a hint of bluegrass and rockabilly, this 4-piece string band is identified by high-energy live shows, foot-stomping rhythms, trad breaks, and good humour. Led by the raw vocals of Matt Kingsley and Melanie Hilmi (also on guitars), the singer-songwriter front is driven by the slap-rhythms and bowed upright bass of Mitch Thomson, and infused with old-timey French-Canadian fiddle by David Poulin. The result is neo folk with a serious indie edge. Their sound has been influenced by an array of artists, from Johnny Cash and Hank Williams, to Billie Holiday, Stevie Wonder, Bob Dylan, Tom Waits, The Beatles, Jean Leloup, Louise Attaque, Manu Chao, Wilco, The Clash and Fleetwood Mac. The band formed in early 2012 and by the end of the year had launched their first self-produced EP "One Word". Throughout 2013, they produced and recorded their first full-length album entitled "Nothing to Lose", coming out this month (March 2014).

Toronto, Ontario
Underground chart position: 282
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