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The Last Sun

The Last Sun is the musical incarnation of Montreal musician Dave Nugent, who until now has been best known for his role as lead guitarist in the Sam Roberts Band. A songwriter in his own right since the age of 17, he's been honing his skills in various bands and behind the scenes. Making use of some recent down time, Dave teamed up with lifelong friend Jordon Zadorozny (Blinker The Star) at his Pembroke, ON recording studio, French Kiss, to lay down the four tracks that comprise The Last Sun EP in five days. Jordon's renowned skills as a producer, mixer, drummer, and overall sonic craftsman brought Nuge's ideas and demoes to intense, glorious life.

"There are some places that we must get to. There are some spaces that I can lead you..." (On working with Jordon) "Jordon showed me how to construct a song, and go with my first instincts. There was never much thinking after an idea was put down, just keep moving forward until your mind was spent, and the song felt complete. Jordon doesn't push you, he lets all your ideas come out and picks the ones that work for the tune."

"In good times and bad decisions, I make mistakes with sharp precision" Lyrically touching on subjects of relationship battles, questionable choices, regrets and vindications, the four songs making up The Last Sun display amongst them a vast range and depth of emotion and tone. Musically, there was no attempt to adhere to a single theme, but pop, rock and roll, folk, shoegazer, and electronic elements are woven throughout.

Montreal, Quebec

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