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The Rising Few

When professional illustrator Karim Terouz left his hometown of Cairo at the age of 25, he not only made the ballsy decision to brace the blistering Canadian winters, he also chose to seek out a whole new career path in Montreal.

Turning to his true passion – music – Terouz began visiting every open mic night imaginable, which is how he came to discover Hubert Tremblay (Guitars) and Andrew Sudlow (Bass), the rest (Isaac and Harvey) followed through to complete The Rising Few.

Fusing folk, blues, rock and pop, The Rising Few found their sound. One which showcases influences such Cat Stevens, The Tragically Hip and Bruce Springsteen, as well as Terouz’s Egyptian heritage with the band’s R&B / soul inspirations.

30 live shows later and a first place win at the LME showcase competition in which the band beat out 200+ others for top honours and The Rising Few is ready to unveil its first album, Sinners on St-Laurent, produced by the great Glen Robinson.

“Since my schedule as a bartender was the dominant headline of my new lifestyle, I decided to write about it,” says Terouz. ”Sinners on St-Laurent is really an observation of the new guy in town to the nightlife of Montreal, yet it’s written with a slight abstract touch to leave the space for the listener to relate to his/her own experiences. It depicts the colours and sultry details of Montreal’s nightlife.”

Time to indulge yourself in some “punchy Montreal soul”!

Montreal, Quebec
Underground chart position: 228
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