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On his debut EP Inner Battles, soulful young singer-songwriter Julian Troiano carries on a family legacy of outstanding musicianship while infusing deeply emotional lyrics and pop sensibilities. The nephew of Canadian Hall of Famer Domenic Troiano (The Guess Who, The James Gang, Mandala, Bush), Troiano creates a raw and organic sound that rejects many of the production norms of today’s pop – he insisted that no Auto-Tune would be used in the recording process.

The EP opens with “Mraz In Her Headphones,” a tongue in cheek track suggesting that couples need to have the same taste in music to survive. The song was written shortly after Troiano connected with his girlfriend through their mutual love for the music of Jason Mraz.

Troiano wears his heart on his sleeve in the EP’s first single, “Love Is All”, proclaiming how powerful and life changing love can be. “Sometimes it’s easy to feel, sometimes it isn’t,” he explains, “sometimes it takes someone to love you with all their heart for you to know what love is.” The songs that can be heard on the Inner Battles EP are inspired by young love and struggle, framed with infectious drum and synth bass grooves, vintage keys, funky guitar and topped with Troiano’s unique, passionate vocals.

At 23, Troiano has a vast amount of musical knowledge and experience. In addition to learning from his uncle Domenic, Troiano began singing in his church choir at a young age and attended the Toronto Waldorf School – an institute designed to enhance creativity and the arts where he was encouraged to sing and be creative. At 15, he taught himself how to play the piano and by 17 he formed his first band.

In 2012, he was awarded the first inaugural Slaight Family Scholarship that is given to a deserving Canadian student that shows great promise to excel as a musician in the industry. The $39,000 full-ride scholarship allowed Troiano to attend Metalworks Institute’s Music Performance & Technology Program where he studied for two years and recently graduated with honours. 

Drawing from a variety of musical influences such as Stevie Wonder, Elton John, Jason Mraz, and Donny Hathaway, Troiano’s style is all his own and one that is somewhat difficult to define on first listen. “I feel that there are so many different elements in my music that it is hard to put a finger on what exact genre it falls into.”

On “Inner Battles”, he reveals his struggle to emotionally connect with his own songs. “I have been a people pleaser for my entire life,” says Troiano “and because of that, I forgot to be present in my own feelings and emotions. This made it extremely hard to connect with my music. This song is about overcoming all of that.”

“Julian Troiano is a rare mix of subtlety and silky power,” says Gil Moore (Triumph, Metalworks Studios/Institute owner), “an emerging talent whose essence as a troubadour is defined by a signature voice and smooth style.”

Troiano’s band consists of Ryan Luchuck on keyboards, synth bass, and backing vocals, Andre Besel on guitar and backing vocals, Cindy Goh on percussion and backing vocals, and Mike Carbone on the drums.

Toronto, Ontario
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