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Yardlets are the Montreal duo of Sam Goldberg Jr. (Broken Social Scene/Hawaii/Kandle) and Jeff Edwards (Shot While Hunting), who will release their sophomore album, “Good Hangs” May 12 on Hobo Slang. A collection of revved up, scuzzed out, late-night, psychedelic blasts recorded at Break Glass Studios with Jace Lasek (Besnard Lakes) engineering and mixing, and Tim Fletcher (The Stills) on bass, David Deias (Mystic Motorcycles) on drums.“The main idea behind Yardlets was to actually work around the limitations of my old skateboard buddy Jeff,” says Sam Goldberg Jr., “who didn’t actually know how to play guitar when we started. On a lot of the songs, when we started writing, I would say, ‘play one note. Or maybe two.’ First single, “Baby Deer”, for example, there is just one note being played the whole way through.” That provided the launching point for Yardlets – creating through minimalism. Most importantly for Goldberg though, along with getting to make record with an old friend, is that Jeff is a fantastic singer. Yardlets digitally released their debut album, Middle Ages, in 2012, a lo-fi collection, recorded directly into a laptop, with Sebastien Grainger (Death From Above 1979) playing drums on top of it. “Good Hangs” is the next logical step forward, and Yardlets will support the album with Canadian dates in May, with U.S. dates in the work for later in the year.

Montreal, Quebec
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