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It all began for Carlos Zappien at the age of 5 when he learned how to play the violin. By the time he reached 13, he had already added bass and guitar into the mix. Growing up listening to a wide variety of music from metal to The Beatles and seeing his uncles play in garage bands he knew early on what his life was going to be dedicated to. At 15 he charted a career path that would allow him to pursue a music career without waiting to be discovered by a big label. His love for funk, dance and electronic music along with his knack for creating beautiful harmonies bring an upbeat modern flavor to the overall sound of the band. Born in Mexico City and after graduating from University in El Paso Texas, Carlos continued his quest in search for the elusive independent music scene and chose romantic Montreal as his home base.

In 2008 he formed the rock band Zappien whose members include Carlos Zappien (guitars, vocals, bass, synths, producer), Sevy Plant (drums, synths, vocals), Ciaran Wynne (Guest guitar), Mélanie Dion (Guest Alto Sax and brass section leader) and a group of guest musicians who bring a plethora of rich sound to the band.


Montréal, Quebec
Buzz chart position: 173
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