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ZERBIN is a Canadian band named for its front man and chief songwriter, Jason Zerbin and comprised of Jeremy Dehek, Andrew Hochalter, Peter Mol and Nick West; along with a family of other musicians who step in to fill out the layers of rich melody and moving rhythm.

Their debut LP, 2010's "Of Fools And Gold", boasts melodic and symphonic alternative rock, with tracks like "In Your Arms" and "Fools and Gold" capturing fans the world over by offering a musical journey playing on "the tensions of love." Pulsing melodies and clever writing in tracks such as "Hear Me" and "Here On The Edge" create vibes easy to lose yourself in. Though garnishing choruses with pop accessibility the band still manages to skillfully provide lyrical and musical moments of deep emotion and spirituality.

Zerbin's music has peaked the interest of talent scouts and major label executive across North America and landed them a nomination for the CGMA's Best New Artist of the Year award. The group has also received nods from the realm of film and television with music appearing in both independent and large-scale productions, including "Going the Distance" starring Justin Long and Drew Barrymore.

As passionate songwriters with a seemingly endless flow of songs, Zerbin feels as though they are just getting started. The band has shared bills with a myriad of national and international acts (TenSecondEpic, Leeland, TFK), bringing their fresh lyrics, soaring vocals and brilliant blend of expansive soundscapes to festivals, cathedrals and clubs across North America. It is clear that the best days for these ambitions Canadians are still to come.

Victoria, British Columbia
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