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Montreal indie act Monogrenade is one of many bubbling under talents in this country — a predicament exaggerated by the language barriers that come with singing in French. But that doesn’t temper the group’s ambitions in any way. Since being posted May 14th, their exceptional, haunting video “La Fantôme” has been giving them a noticeable jump in traffic. 6000 plays in two weeks for a small Quebecois indie act is nothing to sniff at — the video’s stunning high production values warrant much, much more.




A cryptic, repeating loop through the dystopian Groundhog day of a haunted rich kid, it features flaming heads, M.C. Escher-style frozen moments, a private bowling alley, and eyeball drug-injection device straight from the dentist of your nightmares. It’s chilling and strange in the best possible ways. This is the latest of several collaborations by the group with DOP Christophe Collette. An earlier one, “Ce soir”, earned the band notice from the website Mashable in 2010 as one of the Top Ten Stop Motion Videos on YouTube.


Given that that video went on reach over 200,000 views, the potential is there for “La fantôme” to be a similar, word-of-mouth success.


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