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It’s not news how impactful a TV ad can be upon an artist’s career. Rarely is it an act’s reason for being. But such was the genesis for Brave Shores, a Toronto electro pop band whose first single arrived for the summer of 2014 when Jay McCarrol asked his sister Stef to sing on a jingle he was writing to bid on a Sony Xperia phone commercial. The result — “Never Come Down” — was not only picked for the ad, it also led to a contract with Universal Music Canada and an accidental career for the duo.

The resulting success was significant, but still modest. What’s impressive is the fact that even after a year of being released and the commercial history, the song continues to gain momentum. This isn’t massive growth on par with a Jepsen or Drake. But since the end of March, it is consistent growth in plays on Vevo and YouTube — to the tune of around 1,000 plays a day, and often 3 times that amount. The reason may be a very simple one — that after such an unconventional beginning, Brave Shores are growing in the fashion of nearly every other act before them. They’re touring.

With a slew of dates in Canada in the spring — plus the occasional dip south of the border — the band is showing an organic growth curve. And they’re also showing a slow creep into YouTube and Vevo (more the popular music media) after some huge initial numbers on Soundcloud (a haven for music geeks and obsessives). The takeaway? Not only is the growth staying steady, they also seem to be making solid inroads into a more mainstream audience. With an appearance at the huge mid-summer WayHome festival, it’ll be interesting to see whether the act continues to develop into one that can deliver as well on the stage as they do on the streaming screen.

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