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The Vista music prize

Round 07
Ends Jun. 30, 2015
Previous prize rounds


The Vista Prize rewards Canadian artists who release great music and grow strong fan bases.

The Prize was launched in July 2013 and is jointly administered by Vista Radio and Slaight Music.

Please refer to our FAQ Page for more information about how the Prize works.

Who gets nominated?

There is no application process.

Сanadian musicians who have appeared in the Top 30 on the NCM Emerging Chart in the past three months are automatically nominated for the Vista Music Prize.

We monitor new Canadian releases and feature a selection of noteworthy tracks each week. Once you are in our system, we track your social media metrics via Next Big Sound, and build our chart based on that data.

If you're making great new music and have a decent following, chances are we know about you already.

If you're new to the game, head over to our FAQ page which explains how you can increase your chances of getting noticed by our editors.

Previous winners are not nominated for subsequent contests.

How it works

The numbers in the first column represent a cumulative count of the Emerging Chart position of each registered nominee over the 13 weeks of the prize round.

The second column shows the number of votes earned by each contestant via our Facebook Voting Page.

The third and fourth columns show the average score arrived at by our judges when listening to a supplied track, and evaluating the submitted "If I Won..." description.

Each column counts for 25% towards a nominee’s final total.

Prize Money

Each quarter, we award $10,000 to our first place winner and $5,000 to our second place winner.

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