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Release date: 
December 15, 2015
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Mention of super-talented producer/singer-songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Jordon Zadorozny generally focuses on his writing and production work for the high-profile likes of Courtney Love (his fans include Lindsey Buckingham). His long-time solo project Blinker The Star has, in this scribe's view, been unfairly overlooked, even with '90s albums that appeared on A&M and Dreamworks. Zadorozny creates melodic rock with a sophisticated multi-layered production sound, and those attributes are again showcased on a strong new EP, 11235 (we're unsure of the numerological significance of the title). The follow-up to 2013 album Songs From Laniakea Beach, it begins with a short and sweet gem, "Under Night's City Moon" (only 01:15 long), and continues on to four more well-crafted compositions. He recorded the album alone at his newly built Skylark Park Studios in Pembroke, Ontario. We hear another EP is expected next summer, and that's good news. For an earlier killer BTS cut, check out "Still In Rome", off the 2003 album of that name.

Jordon tells NCM that "the plan is to do shows this coming summer after the release of a second EP. I must admit, I have become somewhat of a studio hermit".