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Release date: 
June 16, 2015
Total songs: 
Play Dime Store Lover

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The fact that blues singer Cheryl Lescom toured as a back up singer for Ronnie Hawkins and Long John Baldry testifies to the power of her pipes. The veteran artist has also fronted her own bands, including current crew The Tucson Choir Boys. They've now delivered a strong collection of soulful blues cuts on 1953, Lescom's fifth recording. She co-wrote most of the songs with bandmate Ray Walsh, and two songs from fine Ontario songstress Lynn Jackson are also covered here. The opening track, the raunchy "Dime Store Lover" ("my dime store lover, cheap and easy") sets the tone nicely. The album was recorded at famed T.O. studio Phase One with producer/engineer/mixer Cory Barnes.

Lescom has plenty of Ontario dates over the summer. For details, go here