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February 17, 2015
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3 ½

Since forming in 2001, T.O.-based power-popsters The Golden Dogs have won plenty of peer and critical respect without ever quite earning the commercial success they have merited. Their fan base will find plenty to enjoy on new (fourth) album 3 1/2, their first release since 2010's Coat of Arms. The group remain led by married couple Dave Azzolini (their main songwriter) and Jessica Grassia, who recently moved from playing keyboards to drums. The oft-changing GD lineup now also features Stefanie McCarrol and Alejandro Cairncross. The record was produced by Grassia and mixed by former band member Carlin Nicholson (Zeus) at Sloan's studio. There are hooks and riffs aplenty here, and the fact that both Azzolini and Grassia can sing lead adds to the variety.

Known as one of the most entertaining live bands around, they play Toronto's Rivoli on Feb. 21, followed by shows on Ottawa, Hamilton, Montreal and Kingston. Check their website for details.