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Release date: 
February 19, 2014
Total songs: 
Play Teenage Kicks (feat. The Defects)
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A Great Night On the Lash – Live In Italy

How is this for cosmopolitan? A Celtic punk band from Toronto recorded live in Italy? That's the case with A Great Night On the Lash, recorded last year, and testimony to the global audience the hardworking Mahones have developed over 24 years. It mixes originals with covers of heroes like the Ramones and The Undertones (the immortal "Teenage Kicks") and reaffirms they remain a band best heard live (though they've excelled on studio albums too). The Mahones have just begun recording their most ambitious record yet, The Hunger & The Fight, a two-album set to come out later in 2014. A fan-funded campaign for that project is now underway.