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January 20, 2015
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Play A Midwestern State of Emergency
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A Midwestern State of Emergency - Single

Hardcore/emo/punk heroes Silverstein are fuelling the anticipation for upcoming ambitious concept album I Am Alive In Everything I Touch (their eighth studio record) by dropping a lead single four months ahead. "A Midwestern State of Emergency” neatly captures the band's signature mix of melody and muscle, with the contrasting screamed and sung vocals recalling Alexisonfire. They may not get much mainstream radio play here, but these guys (together since 2000) have a huge and loyal audience. One 2011 clip, for "My Heroine", has scored 2.5 million views, and international sales of their albums to date tally over a million. The upcoming album (out May 19) is available now for pre-order here

This week Silverstein started an extensive international tour to mark the 10th anniversary of their breakthrough Discovering The Waterfront album, one they'll play in its entirety. For dates, go here