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Release date: 
December 8, 2015
Total songs: 
Rock/Pop, Folk
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Act Like We're In Love - Single

Rootsy rock 'n rollers Sam Cash & the Romantic Dogs have been steadily honing their chops on the T.O. scene for a few years now. Cash showed his songwriting skills early on with 2011 debut Teenage Hunger, and 2013's Stand Together, Fall Together was another winner. We're excited to hear the band is now recording a new album with indie rock hero Ian Blurton, who is sure to punch up their already vigorous sound. A taste of the upcoming record is now provided by new track "Act Like We're In Love", available to stream at samcash.ca. It has real dynamism to it, while again showcasing Cash's penchant for direct and autobiographical lyrics: "we drove all night putting all our band posters up". Of note: Cash is the son of noted musician turned (until last month) NDP MP Andrew Cash.

The band is playing a residency (every Wednesday in December) at Toronto roots hub The Dakota Tavern.