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February 11, 2014
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Advanced Basics

The guys in Ubiquitious Synergy Seeker (or USS) decided to mix things up for their latest oxymoronic effort, Advanced Basics. To keep the independent spirit alive, they invited fans to pledge funds in advance, and built hype via social media with the hashtag #letsgetweirdtogether. This allowed the duo, Ash and the Human Kebob, to deliver their 2-step drum’n’bass meets post-grunge style the way they see fit. If you dug the CASBY-nabbing 2008 breakout single "Hyperpoint Sniper Hyperbole", you’ll be on board - otherwise this probably isn’t your jam. Luckily for USS, their fans are committed lifers.

Headlining east coast tour dates are scheduled through the winter along with a springtime cross-country tour, in support of Hedley. Details on the band’s website