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October 2, 2013
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After All (feat. Bryan Adams) - Single

Already a hit in Europe, where he as at least as big as King Kong, Michael Bublé readies himself to get his mojo back in Noth America with "After All", an upbeat duet co-written  with stablemate Bryan Adams. the single from the soft-tire Bob Rock-produced To Be Loved album. Radio hasn't been kind to Pop's Prince Charming on this side of the Atlantic, but despite the setback, the tuxedo-clad smile has still managed to score Double Platinum in Canada with this mix-and-match collection of past hits and new songs, and a half-million+ copies in the US. Following a couple of near chart hits, Adams and Bublé may have the magic back in North America 'after all'. In the UK, where he's more solid than the Bank of England,  Bublé has just announced a 2014 engagement. Why not? after selling close to 200,000 tickets in June and July of 2013 the coast is a clear landing!!!!!

David Farrell