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Release date: 
September 16, 2014
Total songs: 
Folk, R&B/Soul
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Ain't Nothin' Like...

NYC-born, Toronto-raised folk singer/songwriter Piper Hayes has excelled onstage in both cities, and she has also toured Europe. Her 2013 debut recording was Live In NYC, and now she has released her first studio record, the four-song EP Ain't Nothing Like. She has a bright and breezy voice, as is displayed on the horns-embellished first single "Love Song". The album was produced by Mike Schlosser (You Say Party! We Say Die!, Kendal Thompson), who also plays guitar and keyboards. Other notable players featured include Tony Rabalao,  Brenna MacQuarrie, Bryden Baird, and Gene Hardy.
Hayes launched the record at Toronto's The Piston on Sept. 18.