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Release date: 
June 30, 2015
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Play Al Green

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Al Green - Single

Singer/songwriter Mike Evin has earned serious peer respect for his melodic piano-driven pop sound (Ben Folds is an obvious reference point). He'll release his fifth studio album, Life As A Lover, on August 28, and a track from that record, "Al Green", has just surfaced. And, yes, the jaunty and catchy tune is an homage to one of the greatest soul singers ever, with Evin declaring "someday I want to be in love and sing like Al Green". The album was produced by the reliably excellent Howie Beck (Hayden, Walk Off the Earth, Hannah Georgas) at elite T.O studio Revolution Recording. "Al Green" features Beck on drums and guitar and Evin on a range of keyboards and synths. Another recent track we've heard, "Have I Ever Loved", is also a winner, and we await the new record with interest.

Evin begins a cross-country tour in Kitchener on Sept. 10, closing it out on Nov. 10 at Toronto's Burdock Music Hall. Check his site for a full itinerary.