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Release date: 
February 24, 2015
Total songs: 
Alternative, Folk
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All My Favorite Singers Are Willie Nelson

We love the title of Astral Swans' new debut album: All My Favorite Singers Are Willie Nelson. The record is the creation of singer/songwriter Matthew Swann (formerly Extra Happy Ghost!!!), and it is the first one to appear on the new Arts & Crafts imprint Madic Records, one under the control of Dan Mangan (Swann jokingly terms him "my boss big Daddy Mangan" on FB). This is sparse and slightly quirky lo-fi alt-folk that has a rather hushed and haunting feel and is at times suggestive of Chad Van Gaalen. An earlier 7-inch of two of the songs, "You Carry A Sickness" and "Park Street", earned rave reviews.

Swann will reprise this material when he opens up for Dan Mangan + Blackbird and Hayden (another valid reference point) on a just-commenced cross-Canada tour (Feb. 18 to March 14). Check here for info.