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Release date: 
June 16, 2015
Total songs: 
Rock/Pop, Folk
Play Vegas

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All Signs Point To Yes

Ten years on from initially forming and Toronto-based indie rock quartet Tokyo Police Club can already be considered survivors, sticking it out while many of their contemporaries faded or called it quits. Part of the band’s success can be attributed to their charm and accessibility, and definitely to their earnest demeanor. It’s the latter aspect that makes vocalist Dave Monks’ first turn as a solo artist, All Signs Point to Yes, so instantly familiar and touching. He’s a gifted lyricist, and more vulnerable here on the new EP’s six tracks than he usually is with his main gig. His directness could be a result of the lessons learned from TPC’s more pop-driven 2014 record Forcefield, a result of significant life changes (a new relationship and a move from Toronto to Brooklyn), or simply a willingness to match the intimate feel of the rootsy, mostly-acoustic arrangements, but the direction suits him well.

Hear Monks’ stripped-down material live in ON – he plays Toronto at the Garrison on June 25, Hamilton at the Casbah Lounge on June 26, and Ottawa at the House of Targ on June 27. More info can be found on his Facebook