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Release date: 
July 21, 2015
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All You Sons and Daughters - Single

While activist and outspoken rocker Matthew Good is most fondly remembered for his work as frontman in the defunct alt-rock ‘90s group Matthew Good Band, he’s remained prolific as a solo artist since 2002, steadily releasing critically and commercially successful albums without fail. The forthcoming Chaotic Neutral will be his seventh solo outing, and promises to be him at his sharpest and most invigorated. “For the first time in a long time it was refreshing to approach the making of the album from a wholly artistic standpoint,” Good said in a press release. “All You Sons and Daughters” is the just released early single, less angsty than earlier offerings but no less pointed in its delivery, opting for the similar widescreen aspirations displayed on 2003 hit "In A World Called Catastrophe".

Chaotic Neutral is due September 25 through Warner Music Canada. No tour dates are scheduled at the moment (but expect that to change soon).