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Release date: 
November 4, 2014
Total songs: 
Play Surrounded (with Kotomi & DOSS)

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Alone For the First Time

Although he’s accompanied by a handful of guest stars, Ryan Hemsworth seemingly feels Alone For the First Time on his latest disc. It’s the sophomore follow-up to last year’s Juno-winning Guilt Trips, a lively album highly praised for casually skittering between genres. But everything’s now melancholic and monochrome, and the new series of tracks are built for when the party’s finished. The Haligonian-bred producer’s brought along the likes of Alex G, Lontalius, Kotomi and Little Cloud to help give this comedown record a voice, and it works; without chilly melodies and despondent lyrics, tracks such as “Surrounded” and early single “Snow in Newark” wouldn’t be as effective. At under 30 minutes, AFtFT runs a little short as a full-length, but the tightly-crafted production will lend itself to rewarding headphone revisits.

Remaining Canadian stops on his Sucker for Punishment Tour include Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg, Calgary, and Edmonton, and Vancouver, all in November. Details on his website