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April 28, 2015
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Play Never Been a Captain
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Alta Falls - EP

Rootsy-folk quartet The Barr Brothers’ sophomore album, Sleeping Operator, was one of the previous year’s finer indie efforts, which we predicted to be a contender for the 2015 Polaris Music Prize (we’ll find out if it made the long list in about a month and a half). It turns out that over 40 tracks were recorded for the album, and not everything made the cut. Without any prior notice, the band released Alta Falls this week, a brand new EP featuring five previously unreleased tracks culled from the Sleeping Operator sessions. While the album didn’t really require additional tracks, having found a good a balance between bluesy rockers and gentle folkies, it’s great these new ones are seeing the light of day. Gorgeous melodies can be found on all, enhanced in most cases by fingerpicked guitar and (rocking!) harp. A great tide-over until the next record.

The Barr Brothers will play multiple dates in QC in the spring, kicking off in Rimouski at Salle Desjardins Telus on May 5. Details here