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Release date: 
October 27, 2015
Total songs: 
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Altitude is a fitting title for Wendy Lands' fifth solo album, for it captures her at the height of her powers. Much-respected for her songwriting ability, she is joined here by long time co-writers Jim Gillard and Don Breithaupt (Monkeyhouse), with noted film composer Marvin Dolgay producing. "Our goal was to create sonic environments for each song. I wanted to crawl inside and inhabit each song in order to sweep the listener up into them," says Lands. This is adult pop that is mature, melodic and diverse. There's a jazzy and soulful tinge to her voice that, on cuts like "Stompin'" and "Soul Of Saturday Night" brings Rickie Lee Jones to mind, while "Boom Boom" is sexy French pop. Lands first made a mark in the duo Double Dare, and her debut solo album, 1996's Angels & Ordinary Men, earned her a Juno nomination and two Canadian Radio Music Award nods.  Of note: She was the featured vocalist on the companion CD to the Academy Award winning film, The Pianist. That album, Wendy Lands Sings The Music of The Pianist Wladyslaw Szpilman, was released in 2002. 

Lands launched Altitude at Toronto's Hugh's Room last week. She plays Musideum in Toronto on Dec. 13.