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Release date: 
July 22, 2014
Total songs: 
Play Adult Diversion

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Excitement had been building around the self-titled debut full-length from Maritime-raised, Toronto-based modern rockers Alvvays (the video for earlier single "Adult Diversion" has notched nearly 100k plays). The disc is sure worth the wait, for it reveals a band that fuses melody and muscle in invigorating fashion. Now signed to hip U.S. indie Polyvinyl, the band describe themselves as "two women, three men, a crate of C-86 tapes and a love of jingle-jangle." To us, the sound suggests a hybrid of Teenage Fanclub and The Cranberries. They are fronted by Molly Rankin (a member of the famed clan's younger generation) and feature Two Hours Traffic alumnus Alec O'Hanley on lead guitar. The album was produced by Chad VanGaalen and mixed by Graham Walsh (Holy Fuck) and John Agnello (Sonic Youth), and the presence of those major names should help this gem get the exposure it deserves.

Upcoming gigs include Guelph's Hillside Fest this weekend, the Wolfe Island Festival near Kingston ON, (Aug. 9), Toronto's Horseshoe (Aug. 14), Montreal's La Vitrola (Aug. 16), then plenty of U.K. dates in October. A band to watch.