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Release date: 
June 5, 2012
Total songs: 
Play Wayfarin' Stranger

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Americana (Deluxe Edition)

It’s been nine years since Neil Young & Crazy Horse released the contentious and mixed reviewed Greendale, but the new record Americana sees Young returning to his roots. Before the Buffalo Springfield and CSNY days, the 17-year old Young played in The Squires, a band bred on traditional folk tunes and known for mostly doing covers in community centers and bars across Winnipeg. On Americana, he and Crazy Horse are unearthing some folk staples, like “This Land Is Your Land”, “Oh Susannah”, and “Gallows Pole” in their own rumbling rock and roll style. 

All digital purchases of the album from iTunes include the 11 tracks, each with an accompanying music video. Individual purchases of the singles, like “Clementine”, and “Get a Job”, are packaged with the single complimentary video. Some of these videos can be viewed for free on YouTube.

 The non-deluxe version can also be purchased from Amazon