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Release date: 
May 26, 2015
Total songs: 
Country, Folk
Play Come Hell or High Water

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Amongst the Coyotes and Birdsongs

Rootsy singer/songwriter Nick Ferrio has been a member of acclaimed combos The Burning Hell and Baby Eagle & the Proud Mothers, and showed his chops as a solo artist with 2012 debut album Introducing Nick Ferrio & His Feelings. His new album, Amongst the Coyotes and Birdsongs, is equally strong. Stylistically, he fuses country and folk and has a pleasing twang to his voice. A label press release terms the album "a subtle, understated and confident collection of songs that examines the ferociousness of love". Ferrio has earned peer respect, as shown by the presence of Gavin Gardiner (The Wooden Sky) in the producer's chair and the guest appearances of Tamara Lindeman (The Weather Station), Steve Lambke (Constantines), Evening Hymns, and Ian Kehoe (Marine Dreams), amongst others. The quietly engaging "Come Hell or High Water" will also be released as a limited edition seven-inch, with a B-side featuring Julie Doiron.

Ferrio has been out playing some Ontario shows and has more coming up soon, including June 6 at Toronto's Burdock Music Hall. He'll then support The Burning Hell on U.K. gigs in June and is on the bill at Guelph's Hillside Fest, July 25.