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Release date: 
April 14, 2015
Total songs: 
Rock/Pop, Alternative
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Angel in Parkdale

Angel In Parkdale may be the first solo album from Steve Mahabir, but he has a rich history on the T.O. underground music scene. He co-founded seminal post-punk rock band Groovy Religion (of Elvis Mondays fame) and played in Scott B. Sympathy and Parts Found In Sea, prior to setting up a business in Parkdale. That vibrant if troubled 'hood (a longtime locale of this reviewer) provides the theme of this highly original and compelling 16-song concept record. His literate songs are fleshed out by an ace band comprising Mahabir on guitar, Glenn Milchem and Michael Boguski (both of Blue Rodeo), and John Borra, while Peter J. Moore (Cowboy Junkies) mixed and co-produced with Mahabir and Borra. Guest players include Mickey Andrews (Stompin' Tom's steel player), William New and Miranda Mulholland, and horns, violin, harp, tabla and Tibetan chanting add to the rich smorgasbord of sound. 

Mahabir plays Toronto's Cameron House on April 24th.