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November 24, 2015
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Aorta - Single

Few outside of the already-converted would have expected Inuit throat singer Tanya Tagaq to take home the Polaris Prize in 2014 (beating out Arcade Fire, Drake, Mac DeMarco, and Owen Pallett, all of whom had good showings that year). But her record Animism was a real knockout, and the well-deserved win broadened her appeal considerably. Now, in advance of her Dec 1 tour date at Massey Hall in Toronto, she’s unveiled a new track online, entitled “Aorta”. Once again she’s teamed up with producer Jesse Zubot, and the results are fierce – her almost primal vocalizations are set atop thick beats, for a positively transfixing sonic experience. The track was designed to accompany footage filmed at the Emmanuel Vigeland Museum in Oslo, Norway.

“This [music] video was made to pay homage to Emmanuel Vigeland, whose frescos fill his own mausoleum,” Tagaq stated in a press release. “The frescos depict life from conception to death. This penetration of the unsaid philosophies of life in conjunction with the outstanding acoustics of the room has inspired my own work since visiting there in 2002. Hopefully we encapsulate the darkness and the light to his liking.”

In addition to the Dec 1st date, Tagaq will perform in Saskatoon at the Sid Buckwold Theatre w/ the Saskatoon Symphony on Jan 23, Kitchener ON at the Conrad Centre w/ the Kitchener Symphony Orchestra on Feb 5 + 6, Quebec City at Palais Montcalm on Feb 18 and in Montreal at Place des Arts on Feb 19+20. Details can be found on her website