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August 26, 2014
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Play Walking Alone
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Apt 13

Around the end of the millennium, pop punk surprisingly did well on mainstream charts; Blink 182 had no problem selling 15 million copies of Enema of the State, and the Warped Tour was a can’t-miss event. The genre’s sort of floundered in recent years though and fallen out of fashion. You don’t need to mention that to B.C. quartet Gob though, because they wouldn’t really care. Their new record Apt. 13, the band’s first in seven years, is as if nothing’s changed. The energy is still abundant, the hooks infectious and undeniable. “Walking Alone” and early single “Cold” could have come out a decade ago and been just as effective. The formula didn’t need any changing; it just needed to be revisited enthusiastically.

An extensive fall tour is already underway with openers Seaway. Details here.