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Release date: 
June 16, 2015
Total songs: 
Alternative, Folk
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Singer/songwriter Andrew Sisk writes lyrically smart material and has a dreamy-sounding and ear-pleasing voice that perfectly fits the touches of bossa nova and tropicalia added to some of the songs on lovely new album Arcticalia (Sisk terms his sound "Tropicalia inspired indie folk rock"). Indie rock hero Andy Magoffin produced (at his legendary House of Miracles studio) and played guitars and horns, while multi-instrumentalist JJ Ipsen and guitarist Justin Nace make invaluable contributions. This is the follow-up to much-praised 2012 full-length album Treelines. Sisk enjoys serious peer respect, as illustrated by a 2013 tribute album, We Have the Same Lights Overhead, featuring other artists covering his eloquent material. He has also earned a European fanbase by touring there. A major talent.

Sisk recently played dates in Ontario and Montreal. He has a bunch of East Coast shows in July, leading up to Sackville's Sappyfest on Aug. 2 (he's their Songwriter in residence this summer). Check his website for details.