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Release date: 
June 11, 2014
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Play Are You Experiencing?

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Are You Experiencing?

Singer-songwriter and professional attention grabber Rich Aucoin celebrates most shows with personalized pre-recorded videos, confetti, and a big finale with a giant colourful parachute, where he invites fans to join him underneath it, to sing and dance along. For the music video for his new single “Are You Experiencing?”, the Halifax-native crowdsourced parachute show footage from fans and hired Ian MacMillan to edit it all together. Not only does it capture the energy of the live show, but it also creates the experience for the uninitiated, while enhancing the event for those that were actually present. It certainly helps too that the track is wonderfully catchy and designed as a sing-along. The role of social media is proving to be invaluable in the musician’s arsenal, and no one understands this better than Rich Aucoin, his commitment to fan engagement undeniable.

“Are You Experiencing?” is the first single from a forthcoming September record Ephemeral, his first through Bonsound. It’s the follow up to 2012’s Polaris-longlisted album, We’re All Dying to Live, notable for including over 500+ musicians on the record, including Jenn Grant, Joel Plaskett, Dan Mangan, a hundred children choir, and Rae Spoon. No word yet on what other tricks he’ll pull out for this one.