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June 30, 2015
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Arrows - Single

Anticipation is growing for the July 24 release of Seraph, the debut album from Mas Ysa (real name: Thomas Arsenault). He has already earned international attention for his original and evocative take on electro-pop, as on earlier cuts like "Why" and "Shame", and at shows supporting Purity Ring and Deerhunter. New single "Arrows" has been aptly described by Arsenault as "sort of a Euro club banger, but also a very personal love song. It comes out of me wanting to make a universal, club-ready track but unwittingly giving into emotion." It juxtaposes a passionate vocal performance with insistent dance-floor grooves. These Arrows sure hit the mark.

Mas Ysa has already begun an extensive North American tour that runs through July 27. The only Canadian date included so far is at Vancouver's Electric Owl on July 7. Check his Facebook for full details.