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Release date: 
October 28, 2014
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Play Arsenic In the Year of the Snake
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Arsenic In the Year of the Snake

Hardcore outfit Cancer Bats have become fan favourites on the reputation of their unrelenting touring schedule, high-octane energy, and concept discs under band-alter ego Bat Sabbath (where they tackle classic Black Sabbath tracks with their own brand of metal). They plan to impress us even more with upcoming fifth record, Searching for Zero. Expected March 10 2015, it’ll be the first with New Damage Records and with producer Ross Robinson (At The Drive-In, Slipknot, The Cure). Early single “Arsenic in the Year of the Snake” is slated as one of the Toronto quartet’s most melodic yet, but that doesn’t mean it’s not angular and explosive. We wouldn’t expect any less from this band.