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Release date: 
November 11, 2014
Total songs: 
Folk, International
Play And We Will Mend Our Broken Hearts

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At Sunset We Sing

With a sound described as 'folk noir' or 'alternative baroque', F&M (not to be confused with T.O. prog-rockers FM) have earned many rave reviews internationally for a string of albums released since their 2007 debut, Let Every Light Shine. That will inevitably continue for the trio's superb new album At Sunset We Sing. The record is heavily influenced by the sorrowful yet gorgeous sound of Portuguese fado, as on "I Have Never Seen Such Darkness". The presence of strong male and female vocalists ( the married couple Ryan and Rebecca Anderson) adds to the sonic richness here. Fans of Lhasa should certainly investigate a group worthy of greater attention here.

F&M launched the album in Edmonton last week and have just begun a Canadian tour that includes Toronto's Tranzac on Nov. 19. For full dates, go here.