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Release date: 
July 28, 2015
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Swingin' Toronto jazz chanteuse Tia Brazda pulls out all the stops on her highly appealing new album Bandshell. Her style is described as "saucy sophisticated swing", and it sounds both retro and fresh. An A-list of Toronto players deliver sounds to complement her supple and versatile vocals. Those musicians include co-producers Marc Rogers and Chris Graham, horn players Williams Sperandei and Carn and Chris Gale, and fiddle star Miranda Mulholland. Brazda made a splash with her 2012 debut EP Cabin Fever, hitting No.1 on the iTunes Canada Jazz Chart and notching airplay on BBC and CBC Radio. She has charmed audiences at major European and Canadian festivals. Look for this disc to elicit plenty more offers for her to perform on the bandshell.

Brazda launched the disc at Toronto's Lula Lounge last week, followed by club and fest dates in New York. Check her website for more upcoming Canadian gigs.