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Release date: 
March 17, 2015
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Alternative, Dance/Electronic, R&B/Soul
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Bassically - Single

Born in Argentina, raised in Vancouver (and Montreal, Boston, and Bogota), and currently based in NYC, soulful solo artist Tei Shi is clearly meant to be playing on a world stage. Tei Shi is the moniker of Valerie Teicher, and first lit up indie blogs in 2013 with "M&M's", an expansive, fluid, and dreamlike single that suggested a rising talent. She has now signed with Arts & Crafts in Canada (Mermaid Avenue in the U.S.) for the release of Verde, a new five-track EP of electro-R&B jams. Early single “Bassically” steps up her dance-pop game, bringing the infectious hooks and bass-heavy production. It’s something of an online hit already, racking up over a million streams on Spotify to date.  

Expect Tei Shi to make waves at SXSW this weekend and with the release of Verde, due April 14.

Canadian dates include Toronto for Bestival June 12 and Squamish Valley Music Festival in BC August 7. Details can be found here