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Release date: 
February 19, 2013
Total songs: 
Play All You Ever Want (DJ PP Vs Jerome Robins Dub Mix) - Deadmau5

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Best of House Vol.1- Compiled by Melleefresh

With over 500 licensed and exclusive tracks, Toronto-based Play Records is a powerhouse and this Best Of House, Vol. 1 is basically a showcase for artists affiliated with the label, which includes label president Melleefresh (aka Melleny Melody, born Melody Brown). The compilation features 10 remixes of songs spun by the electro head hunter Deadmau5 with added battle from miss Melleefresh, whose music has shocked dance floors for over a decade. Guaranteed favourites from Supernova, David Jones, Jerome Robins and Billy Newton-Davis. A true EDM showcase.