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Release date: 
September 18, 2014
Total songs: 
Rock/Pop, Alternative
Play Smoke Leaves a Trace
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Between Colours

The Wilderness Of Manitoba now is a much different animal from the rootsy group that notched a Juno nomination for their previous album, 2012's Island Of Echoes. There have been major changes in both personnel and style, as reflected in superb new album Between Colours (their fourth). The sound now is lush, layered and harmony-heavy, with something of a Fleetwood Mac feel. Vocals are shared between Amanda Balsys and mainman Will Whitwham, whose guitar prowess really catches the ear here. The disc was produced by Joe Dunphy at Revolution Recording, with guests including Alex Lifeson (Rush), Michael Phillip Wojewoda (Rheostatics), and Howie Beck. First single "Leave Someone" deserves to be a hit, and the whole album is consistently strong. The band dazzled at an industry showcase at Toronto's Rivoli last week and begin an extensive eastern tour at Pepper's Pub in Saint John on Sept. 19. Check their website for a full itinerary.